How the War on Terror Led to the Fake News Era

Wooden Doll Imitating Running on Black

The US and UK militaries struggled with influence operations in the Middle East, so they hired SCL, a company renowned for its psychological operations (psyops). When that business ran dry, SCL looked for business elsewhere: politicians.

The UK Mutation Is A Warning to the US

A new strain of the virus causing COVID-19 appeared in the UK in September. By mid-November the new variety of SARS-CoV-2 appeared in ¼ of new cases. Now in December, that portion is much larger at over 60% of new cases. The change left Prime Minister Boris Johnson little choice but to restrict movement over Christmas.

It’s a warning that Americans should heed. Had Johnson acted swiftly and controlled the virus versus allowing uncontrolled spread, UK citizens might have had a very different Christmas.