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Hoaxlines is a volunteer-run database of misinformation, misleading, manipulative, and surprisingly true headlines. If you know a headline that belongs on this list, help us out by filling out a form, a source to show how you know it's false, misleading, or manipulative, and we will put eligible recommendations on the list!

Vaccine-Related Disinformation

For a full assessment, archives, and sources for any headline, scroll down to the table below the vaccine-related disinformation headlines. A vaccine-specific list was curated by reader request. The full table still exists below this table. Headline titles will be identical between tables so you may search for a story in the unabridged database using a title.

Table Sorted by Rating

Card View by Date Added

If the tables are not immediately above this, then they are down for updating. Visit the database via database hosting site, check back, or feel free to contact us at editor

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