Hoaxlines Russian State Controlled and Proxy Media Disinformation Report

Disinformation narratives in Russian state-controlled and proxy media currently center on the Russian election. The ruling party appears to be preemptively undermining the election results. TV Zvezda, Tass, and Tsargrad have been the primary outlets for sowing doubt. The main narratives were that multiple countries have cyberattacked their voting system, that the US interfered in the election via Apple and Google, and a vague conspiracy-minded tone that amounts to “there are games afoot.” 

Trump Donor Survey Divides, Disinforms, and Ends in Dark Patterns

Former President Trump shared a new survey with over a million of his followers on April 12th saying it was the “ONLY way to make sure I hear your voice.” The survey was rife with divisive rhetoric, disinformation, and dark patterns used to trick people into donating more than they intend. Dark patterns are ways websites and apps trick people into doing things like subscribing or donating money. Often companies that do use these patterns issue an immediate notice so you can cancel it then, but many people reported only realized it once thousands had gone missing.