Children’s Health and Well Being During the Coronavirus Pandemic

While experts continue to gather data on children’s risk for contracting and transmitting coronavirus, current research suggests that though children are more likely to be asymptomatic and less likely to experience severe disease than adults, they can transmit to both other children and adults. Besides the risk of disease and illness, COVID-19 has led to changes in schooling, health services delivery, and other disruptions of normal routines that will probably affect children’s health and well-being, regardless of whether they are infected.

Feeling Torn Between Supporting the Police and Condemning Injustice? You shouldn’t. Here’s why.

One man hurt so many people, and he could not have done it without the many silent approvals from peers. The people he hurt might have been spared if his peers had done the tough thing and stopped him. That failure cost lives, as it so often does when we stay silent in the face of corruption.

Not everyone is cut out for calling people out on unacceptable behavior. That’s OK; don’t take a position where lives depend on it, though. Accepting power means accepting that duty.