Trump Donor Survey Divides, Disinforms, and Ends in Dark Patterns

Former President Trump shared a new survey with over a million of his followers on April 12th saying it was the “ONLY way to make sure I hear your voice.” The survey was rife with divisive rhetoric, disinformation, and dark patterns used to trick people into donating more than they intend. Dark patterns are ways websites and apps trick people into doing things like subscribing or donating money. Often companies that do use these patterns issue an immediate notice so you can cancel it then, but many people reported only realized it once thousands had gone missing.

Taxpayer-Funded Loans Mismanaged, Abused Leaving Needy Americans, Empty-Handed—‘These are communities that can’t afford to lose businesses’

The implications for our economy are great. US Ambassadors, Senators, and politically connected people got loans while the businesses the program should have helped were left to fail. From a senator who got a PPP loan, Americans must hear that we don’t need any more relief funding. That so many businesses were left to fail has bigger implications. We knew that small businesses going under contributed to worsening the 2008 recession. That’s what we needed to prevent. We didn’t, and poor policy made that possible.