America Has Cancer: From Every Mountain Side — Symptoms of Disease

When cancer spreads, it prowls the body robbing normal cells, starving them to death. Sometimes cancer is silent, but for America, her cancer has been far from silent.

Some signs, like wages too low for people to meet their needs or better health and longer lives for those with more money, are obvious, but we must look more broadly. Things ordinarily seen as part of cancer may actually be some of its earliest effects.

Innovative, Compassionate, And Sometimes Surprising Ways The World Has Faced The Pandemic —Together

United Nations Talent House On the brighter side of things The ingenuity and genuine kindness showed by countries around the globe have given me hope. I hope you enjoy them, too. I’ll cut right to the chase. Things are rough right now. Still, I found hope in these innovative, compassionate, and surprising solutions that people around the world […]