At NOVEL SCIENCE, scientists become better writers and the public gets relatable, engaging content.

Fill out the form below to let us know you’d like to work together. You will hear from us within a week. Write with any questions. 


Who Can Be A Guest Writer? What Does It Entail?

[Accomplished, graduate-level (or higher) scientists may fill out a volunteer survey to contribute to NOVEL SCIENCE. You will hear within one week if your piece is right for us. We may publish writers on the website, in our magazine, or on our Medium platform. Please have a Medium and WordPress handle; they are free and do not require you to register for the partner program.]



Regular Writers:

[Those who meet the criteria for a guest but wish to devote regular time and effort to our project, may apply to do so. Writers maintain ownership of their pieces, and we encourage readers to engage with writers, following you wherever you go in life. Editors mentor and work with writers to help them improve since feedback is the fastest way to improve. Volunteers will leave with a summary of their work, a portfolio of writing samples, new science writing friends and contacts, and improved writing skills. All of this comes as a bonus because you will also achieve our greatest aim, bringing science to everyone.]



Who Can Be an Editor? What Do They Do?

[Applicants must have the same qualifications as writers. Editors focus on polishing articles and helping writers develop their stories. This is not a proofreading position. Editors provide feedback and guidance that helps writers to improve. If you’re unsure about your editing abilities, apply and we can discuss your skill level.]



What Qualifications Do I Need To Volunteer Administrative Support?

[Administrative volunteers need not be scientists but should have a bachelor’s degree. Potential tasks: fact-checking, social media engagement, website updating, proofreading, or responding to e-mails.]


Volunteer and Writer Position Application